Employee Engagement

Just one good idea can change everything! The ROI could be staggering – a tiny investment of time and money could massively increase revenue, brand awareness and brand value. Unleash your biggest untapped resource. 

Your Best Employees Want To Engage

Your most loyal employees want a say in the decisions that impact their workplace (and the product and services sold by the business).

Input From Your Employees

Instead of trying to solve every product development challenge yourself, get ideas from your employees (or your customers). This dramatically increases the likelihood that the solutions you implement will be solutions they like.

Develop Ideas

Allow employees (that want to be pro active) to participate in the process of generating new ideas, improving existing ideas, commenting on ideas and voting on ideas.

Give Employees What They Want

Increase the likelihood of implementing ideas that customers and employees like

Important Features

  • Crowdsourcing projects and be public or private
  • Voting can be public or restricted to verified customers or employees (or any other criteria)
  • Give employees access to expert reports
  • Allow employees (or anyone of your choosing) to register as experts
  • Use online voting rather than just “general feedback” from passive surveys, a website or social media
  • Allow voters to convey their vote to experts

Implement Ideas From Employees

Implement ideas from employees (or from anywhere else). This is where “idea management” works best.

One group of employees are in direct contact with your customers and know what they want, another group of employees know what it will cost to implement new ideas and another group of employees know how much time and resources will be required to implement an idea.

‘I Imagine’ allows everyone to contribute their expertise in a fun and efficient way that produces the optimal results in the least amount of time.

Retain & Attract The Best Employees

Retain and attract the best employees. It’s obvious that the best employees are pro active. They want to be involved and to be valued – otherwise they will move on. This is also the best way to the most value for your business out of the best employees.

Optimize Your Workplace

You need to optimize your workplace in order to optimize the output from your employees. There are an infinite number of ways to improve workplace efficiency and the easiest way to get access to the best ideas is to tap into your employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

There's no other platform in the world like 'I Imagine'. Come together with your fellow humans to solve any problem. 

FREE listing with unlimited users? Really?

Yes! It's not just a free trial or free during launch. It's 100% FREE! And will always be 100% free. However, you will get a lot of advanced features if you use a Premium listing. Take a look at the feature comparison in the pricing table.

Can I make my listing private?

Yes! You can approve each user before they see or interat with your project. You will need a Premium listing but you will also get access to many more advanced features that will give you granular control of your crowdsourcing project. 

How long will it take to create a listing?

You just need a title, a summary of the problem (can be one sentence) and an image. It can do it two minutes! If you want to see the steps, checkout the and in the user guides.

Tell me about the advanced features

There's a lot of them: public private options, restricted voting, expert status, up and down voting, convey votes and many more. Check out the features in the pricing comparison table and in the user guides.

Can I create a listing about any topic?

Yes! Humanity advances by everyone working on the problems they feel most passionate about - even if they're not "real problems" like - "How can my favorite sports team win a championship next season?" Of course, no hate, violence, etc.

Can I approve ideas before they go live?

Yes! This important feature is available on free and paid plans. If you create a listing that should be taken seriously (some aren't and that's okay) it's important control the quality of the ideas.

Still have questions?