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Automated Digital Marketing

An all-in-one digital marketing platform that allows businesses and nonprofits to use digital marketing automation tools and AI to turn their ideas into reality and grow.
If you’re doing any digital marketing of any kind you need to optimize every step of the customer journey – because you’re competing with people that are optimizing every step so, if you don’t do it, you lose – and this is why.
If you spend time or money on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, social media content, SEO, or whatever, without optimizing every step of the customer journey, your conversion rates will be lower than your competitors.
If your conversion rates are lower than your competitors, that means you have to spend more money to acquire each customer.
That means your competitors can out spend you and still make a profit while you’re using the exact same marketing strategy and making a loss.
But, if you decide to solve this problem by optimizing every step in the customer journey manually, it will take an enormous amount of time. So, not only do you have to optimize every step, you also have to do it a way that’s automated.
IIMAGINE is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that allows entrepreneurs and small business owners manage all aspects of digital marketing.
So, what makes it different from other digital marketing platforms? The best way to answer that question is to answer these questions?

What can I specifically do with IIMAGINE?

An advanced website builder based on WordPress. Most All-in-one marketing platforms have a website builder or a page builder and they are all very substandard compared to WordPress.
The website builder in IIMAGINE is based on WordPress, so the simple summary here is that, if you can build it on WordPress, you can build it on IIMAGINE.
So, you don’t need a separate website or blog or the hosting that goes with it. There’s also one big advantage. WordPress looks like a disaster area and it’s not user friendly.
IIMAGINE has a beautiful user interface and and it’s much easier to use.
When you sign up for the lowest plan on IIMAGINE you’ll get a 50 page website that has stunning design, addresses 30 trust factors in my video about trust factors and has been completely setup and configured to work with advanced marketing tools. You just need to replace the text and images.

The CRM has advanced features that allow you to track and measure customer behavior then design marketing campaigns based on the things that matter to individual customers. That leads to better conversion rates.

You don’t own your followers on social media platforms. The only leads and customers you own are the people on your email list.
IIMAGINE includes advanced email marketing automation features that allow you to customize email marketing campaigns for each individual on your email list.
And, it’s not just email marketing software. It also includes the email service that actually sends the emails so you don’t need services like Sendgrid, Mailgun or AWS.
The Visual funnel builder allows you create advanced funnels that include order bumps, upsells and downsells.
These are proven tactics for increasing average order value and they are often the difference between success and failure.
There’s a lot of products and services out there that only become profitable when you add these optimizations.
Use the course creator to create an unlimited number of courses with unlimited lessons and unlimited students.
Use the AI content generation tool to create sales copy for products and services, social media content and even write blog posts.
Use the fully featured ecommerce tools to sell physical products. You can manage complex product variations, shipping, discount codes, and get access to advanced analytics.
Finally, you can also setup and manage memberships, advanced link tracking and AB testing.

Why do I need all of these features / tools?

They help you make more money and they do it in three ways.
  • You have the ability to generate multiple revenue streams. You can use these tools to generate revenue by selling physical products, services, downloads, and courses. You can also generate revenue with affiliate products and ads.
  • These tools increase your conversion rates. Again, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that marketing just consist of promoting your product or service. That part is easy. The difficult part is converting them into customers after they have become aware of you. These tools significantly increase your conversion rates AND they do it in a way that’s automated.
  • 100 Ways To Get Customers. I’m making a series of videos on this channel called 100 Ways To Get Customers. If you only have 1 or 2 ways to get customers you will probably fail. If you have 10 you will probably succeed. If you have more than 20 you’ll grow quickly. IIMAGINE includes all of the tools you need to execute all 100 strategies in my series about Ways To Get Customers. I strongly suggest you check out these videos, select one or two strategies that you like and start testing them on IIMAGINE with a free trial – then continue testing until you find strategies tat work. Go ahead and subscribe if you want to receive notifications when I release new videos. Check out the links in the description if you want to get 50% off IIMAGINE. I’ll come back to pricing later in this video.

Why do I need automation?

There are 4 critical reasons you need automation:
  • It saves you time
  • Saves you money
  • You can execute marketing strategies that you otherwise wouldn’t use so you will generate revenue that you otherwise would not generate.
  • Your marketing strategies will be more customized for each individual so you conversion rates will be higher.

So, in summary, it saves you time, it saves you money and it makes more money that you otherwise wouldn’t make. If you don’t think this matters, you’re simply not taking your business seriously.


Why it is critical to have everything in one place?

You might be thinking that it’s better to use tools that are dedicated to doing one thing well and combine them as required. That sounds good in theory but have actually tried doing it? This is why it doesn’t work.
  • Researching each individual tool and learning to use it takes an enormous amount of time. You need solutions that use less time not more time.
  • Combining multiple tools will cost much, much, more money than using an all-in-one platform. You need solutions that cost less, not more.
  • Integrating the tools is really difficult. And even if you do eventually integrate them, they often won’t work well together. You want tools that work together, not tools that don’t work together.

How does it compare to my other options?

IIMAGINE is like combining the following tools:
  • High speed web hosting: $35 pm
  • Shopify premium: $299 pm
  • Keap: $599 pm
  • Jasper AI: $100 pm
  • Total $1,033 pm
  • IIMAGINE only costs $97 pm and you get it for $47 pm with the discount code in the description of this video. It goes without saying that this deal won’t last forever so take advantage of it now. There’s a free trial and no credit card required.
And IIMAGINE also includes a lot of critical features that these other platforms don’t offer. If you want to see the full feature list checkout the links in the description. I’ve also included a link to a feature comparison matrix that compares IIMAGINE with any other alternative that you may be considering.
If you want to see detailed use cases for IIMAGINE, watch my videos on this channel about 100 Ways To Get Customers. Each video incudes the steps you need to take to implement the strategy and get the best results. Again, if you want to receive notifications when I release new videos, go ahead and subscribe.