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Acquire, onboard, engage, and nurture your audience effectively with relevant and personalized email sequences!
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Send Newsletters Easily

Sending weekly newsletters to everyone manually takes a lot of time out of your schedule. Why waste time when you can create a set of emails to be sent every week. Setup an email sequence to manage those day-to-day tasks with ease!


Increase Email Sequence Conversion Rates

Persuading people to buying with a single email is tough. You need to build a relationship before your customers’ actually take action. Use onboarding emails as a perfect automation tool that will send targeted emails that add value to your audience and generate sales.


Communicate At The Right Time

Who wants to receive promotional emails during working hours? Your audience will often unsubscribe if you send them emails at an inconvenient time. Schedule your email sequence exactly when they have time to explore and learn about the things that you’re offering!


More Upsells

Sell more to existing customers. Dynamic segments have already setup in your paying contacts. Create perfect email sequences for them to increase upsells. The beginner-friendly sequence builder is the simplest upsell Automator!


Connect with Customers frequently

Create email sequences and stay in touch with your audience from the very beginning. Constant communication is key to building a relationship. It keeps the audience engaged and builds their confidence in your organization. Stay connected, gain trust, and develop a stable business with loyal customers.