Contact Segmentation

Categorize users with lists and tags. Deliver unique personalized emails that your audience actually want to receive.
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The Advantage of Segmenting

Discover The People that will be most interested in each offer and start Engaging in Meaningful Conversations!

With Segmentation…
Send the right message to the right people
Your contacts know what to do with your emails
Users click your email and you make sales

Without Segmentation…
The same message goes to everyone
Some people don’t why they received your email
User won’t click your emails and you make less sales


Import, Sync & Segment

When you’re just getting started, sync and / or import your contacts. Synchronizing and importing contacts and your email lists based on product purchases, user roles, memberships, and many more!

Lists and Tags

Larger audiences can be categorized with Lists. Sort them into smaller groups by user behavior with Tags. Then, you won’t send the right message to the right people, but you will also make easier for users to manage email subscriptions.


Behavioral Segmentation

What did the contact do? Submit a form? Became a member? Or did they purchase a product?

Setup automatons that automatically add them to a List or apply appropriate Tags to their profile. Behavioral segmentation makes it easier to send perfectly personalized emails!


Advanced Filtering

Need to use data from your contact profiles, campaigns, integrated plugins, etc., to segment and personalize emails?

You’ll need Advanced filtering. Create if/or conditions and weed out any contact with ease!


Create Dynamic Segments

Identifying contacts based on specific criteria is great. Making it interactive with dynamic segmentation is even better!

Dynamic segmentation will easily connect to people you want, without having to find them manually!


Precision Targeting

How do you find the right people for a specific campaign? Do easily with our advanced targeting system!

Decide whether to include or exclude lists and tags, choose dynamic segments or simply filter out contacts by custom queries. Building targeted email campaigns has never been so easy!


Campaign Activity Segmentation

Data after an email campaign alone isn’t good enough. Let’s make the data work!

Identify engaged and unengaged contacts with post-campaign actions then follow-up with confidence.


Segmenting The User Journey

You know that user behavior can change at any moment and at any point in their lifecycle.

Use the email marketing automation to achieve behavioral segmentation. Easily segment contacts as you shape their journey!