CRM Contacts

I Imagine Life CRM Contacts


The CRM Contacts is the hub to your I Imagine Life CRM Contacts. This guide walks you through your CRM Contacts.

  1. Contacts Dashboard

This page is used to manage your contacts. From here, you can:

  • View a summary of details of all your contacts including contact ID, name and avatar, status, total value spent, date when a contact was added, and contact URL

  • Add new contact

  • View all contacts

  • View contact tags

  • Import contacts

  • Export contacts

  • Search for a contact

  • Filter the list of your contacts according to type (lead or customer)

  • Import a contact or multiple contacts

Add New

This section has all you’ll need to start adding customers and managing your relationship with them and of course, increasing sales / customer satisfaction at the back of it all.

How to Add a New Contact

You have two options:

Add New Customer Explained

Adding a new customer is simple, all you need to do is fill in the details. You don’t need to know all the details to be able to add a customer but the more the better (more on this later).

Customer Details

  • Status: Customer, Lead, Refused, etc. Use this to mark your customers and give your support team an easy way to know what type of customer they are (and help convert leads to customers etc).

  • Prefix: Mr, Mrs, etc . Sometimes it helps to know the gender of your customer, you can send targeted communications that way. Super simple. Add it if you know it.

  • First Name: Add it if you know it. Used throughout the CRM system.

  • Last Name: Again, useful to store it if you have it.

  • Address: Need to use a physical address at all (perhaps for sending a Christmas Card) then add it.

  • Home Telephone: Easily drop customers a line

  • Work Telephone: Again, useful to know

  • Mobile Telephone: Want to SMS your customers about a new deal? Make sure you have this

  • Email: Definitely keep this stored. Great for email campaigns and the glue which ties together ZeroBS and other tools

  • Notes: Any specific customer notes which are good to refer back to (such as name of their first born child)

  • Source: Where has the customer come from (you can edit these sources in options)

Contact Image

  • Set an image as your contact’s main photo.

Social Profile

  • You can add your contact’s social media profile from Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook

  • Enter the social media username or URL of your contact. This includes

Customer Alias

  • You can add an alias or alternative name for a contact.

  • Add customer details and save the contact profile before adding a customer alias.

Customer Portal

  • You can add a portal or URL for a contact.

  1. Contact Tags

You can add tags to your customers to help group them into smaller subsets. For example you might want to tag people with a VIP tag if they’ve purchased more than a certain, specified amount with you.


The “slug” is the URL-friendly version of the name. It is usually all lowercase and contains only letters, numbers, and hyphens.

Parent Tag

Assign a parent term to create a hierarchy. The term Chapter 1, for example, would be the parent of Page 1 and Page 2; while the term Chapter 3 would be the parent of Page 3 and Page 4, and so on.

The tags come in useful if you want to then send targeted email campaigns using the Mail Campaign extension. It’s also used to help quickly filter your contacts in the Contact Search page or on the Tags page itself as seen below:

  1. Import and Export Contacts

Allows you to import and export contacts by bulk.

Import Contacts

  1. Select ‘Import’

  1. Click ‘Choose File’ and select file to import

  1. Click ‘Start CSV Import Now’

Export Contacts

  1. Select ‘Export’

  1. Select contact to export.

  2. Click ’Export’

  1. Search

There are two places where you can run a customer search. The first is the built in search box on the manage customers page.