CRM: Contact Management

Manage your leads and customers, email campaigns, automated email sequencing, course customers and affiliates. Monitor user activity and much more in one place.
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Complete User Overview

Missing information can often lead to losing potential leads. We solve this challenge by managing leads individually and offering extensive data on every lead. All of the information that you could need need to communicate effectively is easily accessible and presented in a clean customer data management platform for you to evaluate.


Detailed Customer Tracking

Get insights into the history of contacts so you can identify the leads that are worth tracking further. All the necessary data like purchase history, email open, click rate, form submission, etc. is presented on a plate to analyze information to evaluate your marketing strategy!


Contact Activities Are Logged Easily

Targeting your lead or customer requires more than just basic contact details or shipping addresses. The customer data management platform offers Contact Notes & Activities modules that allow you to add any additional information – like quotes, invoices, transaction details, etc. So you don’t just track your contacts’ activities but record them too!