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Send one-off campaigns or or schedule campaigns with ease. Gather all the KPI’s and metrics you need to make data-driven decisions and trigger automated actions.
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Compose Beautiful Emails

Your design options are limitless. The drag-n-drop editing creates infinite possibilities. Access multiple design, template, block, and styling options. If you want to get creative, you can transform any design you can imagine into reality.

Personalize Everything

When people see their name, they’re more likely to open your email. It’s that simple! Insert simple contact information or create custom field data and take email personalization the next level – beyond names and cities – and convert more!


Define Audiences With Precision

Looking for the best audience for a specific campaign? Use the advanced filtering system to define your audience with precision! Include or exclude lists and tags, choose dynamic segments or simply filter out contacts by custom queries. Building targeted email campaigns has never been this easy!


Decide Who Sees What

There’s no need to write a new email for some contacts just because one paragraph isn’t personalized for everyone. Choose who sees what! Conditionally display email content based on tags and reach out to everyone with the context required to communicate effectively.


A/B Tests & Link Click Tracking

Develop subject lines that get you more opens, clicks, and eventually, more revenue! Easily split test your subject lines and start optimizing your results. Track every link clicks with UTM parameters by Google Analytics, and easily understand how your campaigns are performing!


Make Contact At The Right Time!

Is your email campaign ready to go? No need to wait until the last moment. Schedule it! Choose the exact date and time for a campaign to be sent. Reaching out at the right time matters and now it’s easy!


Campaign Analytics

You need to know how your campaign has performed. Guesswork is not an effective strategy! Use our detailed analytics to get insights into the performance of your email campaigns – like open rates, clicks, and revenue. Measure your campaign’s performance with ease!


Data Based Follow-up Strategies

Data without action is just data. What happens after an email campaign? Make data work for you by easily identifying engaged and unengaged contacts with post-campaign actions then follow-up with confidence.