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Acquire leads, segment contacts, and automate communication and sales with powerful email marketing automation!
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User Journeys Made Easy

Prospects can submit forms, purchase products, and perform hundreds of different kinds of actions! Let’s automate personalized emails based on what they do.

Use 30+ built-in automation triggers to capture user events and send them on a journey with your brand!

Automate Anything!

Why waste time doing things you can automate? Automatically send follow-up emails, create user profiles, update user information, and more.

Your user’s journey can be streamlined with 20+ actions. Save time, be efficient!


Goals: Set. Track. Achieve.

All journeys start with a goal. Guide your lead through a journey that they want – and enjoy!

Send your users to the right stage of each journey automatically and set them on the path for the next goal! Track and meet your goals without being a marketing guru!


Conditional User Paths

Every leads is valuable so don’t let them fall through the cracks!

Create well-defined user paths and design user journeys with advanced conditions. Keep them engaged when they meet your condition and even when they don’t!


Design User Journeys. Visually!

Select your triggers and goals, add actions to automate, and create multiple user paths if necessary.

Automation rules can be combined inside our visual automation builder to shape user journeys with ease. Track your visitor’s journey or understand how they are moving from one stage to another. Instantly!


Optimize for Conversion!

Need to save time by automating repetitive tasks? Use our advanced automation analytics to maximize your conversion.

Use conversion stats for every stage of your user’s journey to see how your automation is performing. Make data-backed decisions and optimize your user journey for maximum conversion!