Granular Reporting

In-depth automation reports for every campaign reveal opportunities for more customer satisfaction and sales. View everything in one place!
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Meaningful CRM reports are extremely valuable. Take your business to new heights with centralized reports presented in numbers and graphs! Get an overview of your subscriber growth, campaigns, email stats, and analyze their performances within specific time frames. It’s data-driven marketing at its best.

Campaign Analytics

Tracking many email campaigns can become overwhelming. But not when you’re using our detailed campaign analytics! Monitor every email campaign and view the exact numbers for sent, opened, clicked, bounced, or unsubscribed emails. Assess your marketing campaign and adjust to optimize results.


Funnel Analytics

If you deploy funnels that trigger at specific stages of your user’s journey, you need to know when you’re losing users or getting clicks! Track funnel performance at every stage and view funnel performance reports for individual users in order to increase user retention and maximize conversions!


A/B Testing Subject Lines

Subject lines can impact email open rates significantly. You can use A/B testing to run experiments with your subject lines. Simply enable A/B testing and use multiple subject lines on your experiment campaign. Analyze your email open rates or click rates to find your campaign’s perfect subject line!


CTR Analytics

Simply creating campaigns with links to your website leaves you in the dark. You’re already getting to know who opened an email and who didn’t so why not measure link clicks? Enable UTM parameters from Google Analytics an get priceless link metrics and analyze your click-through rates to perfection!


Individual User Activity

If you have a lot of leads but don’t get the level of email opens or clicks that you would expect, you might need user activity stats. They record individual user activity so that you can identify active/inactive leads. This also allows you to categorize leads according to their activity via dynamic segments!