CRM User Guide Data Tools

I Imagine Life CRM Data Tools

The CRM Data Tools is the hub to your I Imagine Life CRM Data Tools. This guide walks you through your CRM Data Tools.

The Data Tools page has the ability to manage your Data Tools and create new ones for your contacts. It adds a new top level menu to your CRM and allows you to add ‘Data Tools’ to your CRM.

There are three sub-menu items for CRM Data Tools:

Data Tools

This is the home for all of the different admin tools for ZBS which import data (Excluding the Sync Extensions). The CRM comes with free data tools: Bulk Tools and Import from CSV.

  1. Bulk Tools

CRM admin-only bulk customer removal and other bulk-action tools include:

  • Remove all WooCommerce Contacts

  • Remove all PayPal Contacts

  • Remove all Envato Contacts

  • Remove all CSV Import Contacts

  • Remove all Form Capture Contacts

  • Remove all JV Zoo Contacts

  • Remove all Gravity Forms Contacts

  • Remove all API Contacts

  • Remove all WorldPay Contacts

  1. CSV Importer

This tool is for importing CSV files. Click ‘Choose File’ to start importing CSV file.

  1. Click ‘Choose File’ and select file to import

  1. Click ‘Start CSV Import Now’