CRM User Guide Forms

I Imagine Life CRM Forms


The CRM Forms is the hub to your I Imagine Life CRM Forms. This guide walks you through your CRM Forms.

The Forms page has the ability to manage your Forms and create new ones for your contacts. It adds a new top level menu to your CRM and allows you to add ‘Forms’ to your CRM.

Using these forms you can capture data into your CRM and start automatically capturing leads.

  1. All Forms

By default, you will be brought to the All Forms page when you access the CRM Forms menu. It automatically displays all the forms that you have.

  1. Add New

  1. Go to Forms page and select ‘Add New’.

  1. Enter all the necessary information.

  1. Click ‘Save’

c. Form Styles

The CRM built in forms come with 3 style choices. This gives you flexibility to have either a Naked Style giving a simple First name and Email option.

The other options are Content Grab (to use as a way to collect additional information such as your message). Finally there’s a simple style which simply collects emails.