CRM User Guide Invoices

I Imagine Life CRM Invoices


The CRM Invoices is the hub to your I Imagine Life CRM Invoices. This guide walks you through your CRM Invoices.

The Invoices page has the ability to manage your Invoices and create new ones for your contacts. It adds a new top level menu to your CRM and allows you to add ‘Invoices’ to your CRM.

There are two sub-menu items for CRM Invoices:

Manage Invoices

By default, you will be brought to the Manage Invoices window when you access the CRM Invoices menu. It automatically displays all the invoices that you have for your contacts.

From here, you can view the reference numbers of your invoices, its status, and the corresponding contacts that the invoices are intended for. You can also view the amount and date of the quotes.

Add New

The Invoice Builder

The Invoice Builder has a number of settings which you should fill in before you generate your first invoice.

To access the Invoice Builder, go to CRM Setup> Settings. On the Settings menu, select Invoice Builder.

Enter all the necessary information.

Once you’ve added everything to the settings you will generate invoice that have all the relevant information.

Creating Your First Invoice

The first invoice you make will ask you whether you want PDF invoicing (this allows you to download a PDF of the invoice).

This is useful if you want to keep offline copies of the invoices (or even send a PDF version to your client too).

You need to have saved your Invoice for this option to show up. Also you need to make sure the PDF Invoicing Extension is enabled in the settings.

Now enter all the necessary information:

Adding New Lines to the Invoice

You can add new rows to the invoice to have your invoices be the total of a number of line items. This is useful if you want to break down your invoices for your clients.

To add a line, go to the invoice Description section and click ‘Add Row’. To remove the added line, simply click ‘Remove Row’ on the new line.

How to set the Invoice Status

The Invoice comes with a number of statuses. Draft (while you work on it). Unpaid, Paid and Overdue. This controls what the client is shown in the client portal.

How to Delete an Invoice

While there is no bulk deleting for invoices, you can delete them one at a time. One the Manage Invoices window, select an invoice you want to edit.

Once the invoice is displayed on your screen, go to the right side area of the CRM window. Click ‘Move to Trash’ to delete an invoice