Edit Business Plan

How to Edit a Business Plan Template

The “I Imagine” app features a business plan page where users can use any of the available templates on the website or create their own business plan from scratch. The feature is easy to use. Users can save their work and continue with it for later use or edit their plans anytime. To learn how to edit a plan, here is a detailed tutorial.

  1. Login to your “I Imagine” account. You will be brought to your “I Imagine” account home page.

  2. On your home page, go to Business Plans. You will be brought to the Business Plans page.

  3. On the Business Plans page, choose the template that you want to edit. Click the Edit icon.

  4. The business name, owner’s name, and company logo will appear on the screen when you view a template. You can change any part or all of the parts of the template by clicking any of the elements on the left side panel.

    For example, to change the amount required for your company’s financing, go to Company Summary. On the right side panel, change the amount indicated.

  5. Edit all the elements that need to be changed according to your requirements. When you’re done, click the Save button.