Environmental Impact Rating system

There's only one solution to climate change...that's under our own control

We need to change laws, regulations and taxes in a way that incentivizes good behavior. We need to include environmental considerations in our investment decisions, upgrade our business practices, continue innovating and change our own behavior.
But…most of these strategies require us to demand change from politicians and corporations. What if politicians and corporations simply refuse to do any of these things?
A universal environmental impact rating for labelling on products is a strategy that’s completely under our own control and can accelerate the adoption of the low carbon production policies and practices mentioned above.
Check out the project links for more information about the project including:
  • A documentary about climate change and how we can accelerate our progress toward reversing global warming
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  • How you can raise awareness
  • The crowdfunding listing for this project
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Note: This project has been created by the team at IIMAGINE. The environment is an IIMAGINE Pillar Project (along with equality, democracy, health and education). Anybody can create their own listings for their own impact projects.