How to grow a business (IIL)

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Growth Ideas

Your have 4 Options: sell more of existing products (and or services) to your existing target market, sell more of your existing products to a new target market, sell new products to your current target market or sell new target market. The first strategy usually just requires a marketing strategy. The other three need careful consideration and may involve a fundamental change in your business. No matter which option you take, we’ve you covered with services below



Your probably know that “failing to plan is planning to fail”. You can create a professional plan vety quickly with our free business software and our free business plan templates. Even if your don’t need to create a business plan for funding or for other people, You should still answer questions in our
business plan template so your know you have considered everything and planned for it. This is a critical step – don’t start spending time and money
until you have thought this through. More


Funding Option

We can help you get financing from multiple sources including crowdfunding, angles, VC’s, banks and private equity funds. Mores



If you need a new 200 page website that can be ready instantly and is pre configured for multiple digital marketing strategies, check out our “Business In A Box” . Need Computer equipment? Get it from our partner, Power max ( Apple Premier Partner.) . You will pay NO SALES TAX and you will get
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We have created comprehensive checklists and setup them up in our project planning tool so you check them off as you go or invite your membersinto the plan and assign tasks to them so that you can manage each project and task to completion. If you’re familiar with Trello and Kanban style project plans you will hit the ground running Or – use our pro freelancers to do everything (the right way) for you fast and at extremely affordable rates