What Is 'I Imagine'?

‘I Imagine’ is a platform for people that want to maximize their impact

It’s a community that consists of businesses, nonprofits and other organizations that want to have a positive impact and the individuals that support them. 

Businesses provide information about their impact (rather than their revenue and other material criteria) and individuals support them by buying their products and promoting them.

Nonprofits provide information about their impact and individuals support them by donating, volunteering and promoting them.

Everybody will be awarded ‘Impact Points’ for participating and engaging in the platform. The Impact Points will be convertible into [crypto name] – a cryptocurrency that will be launched soon. The concept is simple – the bigger your impact, the bigger the reward. So, success is defined by impact instead of money.

Your value is not measured by your ability to make money or build social media followers. Your value is measured by your impact on other people and the planet.    

  • Crowdsource ideas to solve problems that matter to you.
  • Sign petitions or create your own.
  • Support causes, nonprofits, and social enterprise.
  • Support direct democracy. No more left and right. It’s the only way to genuinely take power away from politicians and put it in the hands of the people.
  • Connect with like-minded people – without cold contacting anyone. Just check some boxes and we will match with people that meet your criteria and want to connect with you. 

Find out what you can do on on ‘I Imagine’ for: