How To Make Money Online


Home BasedStartup CostPossible Earnings (monthly) Possible Earnings (monthly)
Sell your servicesYES0-$200$10,000See how to start below
Create a blogYES0-$200$30,000See how to start below
Create an ecommerce siteYES0-$200UnlimitedSee how to start below
Sell affiliate productsYES0-$200$50,000See how to start below
Create & sell coursesYES0-$200$50,000See how to start below
Become a consultantYES0-$200$20,000See how to start below
Sell membershipsYES0-$200$50,000See how to start below
Sell t-shirtsYES0-$200$10,000See how to start below


How To Create The Revenue Streams Above In One Day With A Budget Between Zero And $47


I will show you exactly what you need to do and how to do it in 8 Steps below. Everything below can be done in a few hours (or several days if you want to be thorough). I recommend doing it all in one day so that you have “Version 1” ready to go and you can start earning money while you improve it over time. Everything can be done using free resources online or (if you want to save a lot of time) we can give you everything you need for $47 – read below to see how.

1. Select a niche

Use the theory of Pii (passion, income, impact). If you’re passionate about the niche and you have skills in that niche you have a massive head start because you already know what sells, why and for how much – AND you will love working on it!

Make a list of 5 things you’re passionate about, 5 things you can do to make money, 5 ways you can have a positive impact. Then prioritize them from best to worst. Look for common themes. For example, if you are passionate about yoga, can earn income by teaching yoga and believe that yoga has a positive impact on your customers then you have the perfect niche.

2. Decide what to sell

Here are your options:

a. Sell your services. 

b. Sell physical products. You have 2 options:

  • Resell products from Ali Express.
  • Sell your own products (if you happen to have any)

c. Create a blog. You can create a blog. It will be easy for you to create the content because you selected a niche that you’re passionate about. You can monetize it passively with ad revenue or sell courses, generate affiliate revenue or membership revenue.

3. Research your customers

Go to groups on social media that focus on your niche and take a look at what people are most interested in. Take note of what problems they are trying to solve (especially problems that you know how to fix). Do the same thing at industry forums and platforms like Quora and Reddit.

4. Research your competitors

Go to the same social groups, forums, and platforms mentioned above and look for competitors. Take note of how they interact with people in your niche, what they sell, what sells best and why. Look for gaps in the market that you can fill and think about where you have an advantage.

5. Create a website

You can create free websites. Just Google them to see your options. However, all of these sites are VERY low-level sites. If you are serious about making money (even it’s just a few hundred dollars of extra cash per month) you will have to compete with real people that put real time and effort into their websites and their marketing. The free sites simply don’t have the functionality you need.

Also, you should never build something important (like your income stream) on a platform that you don’t control. This is why you really need a WordPress site. If you are literally broke then I guess you have no option but to use the free sites. If you have as little as $20, we can give you a something that would take a developer thousands of dollars to create.

6. Start promoting

You can do this with free options (that use your time) or with paid advertising. I recommend starting with the free options. Some promotion on social media and forums will generate short-term results and some simple SEO with generate long-term results.

Go back to the social groups, forums, and platforms mentioned in ‘2′ and ‘3’ above and start helping people by answering their questions. One in every three answers can include a promotion of your product or service with a link to your website (any more than this could get you banned from the group).

7. Generate revenue

Make sure that your link in ‘6’ above leads to a landing page with an email opt-in form. If people don’t buy, you can provide follow up emails that contain more helpful information with the occasional attempt to sell your products and services again.

8. Scale-up

You can scale up by using paid advertising. However, don’t forget that you can also expand by adding new products and services as well as adding new monetizations methods.


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