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Commercial advertising

Anything you say in an ad is protected by free speech but the government can ban commercial advertising if it’s misleading.  

Child pornography

It’s illegal, not protected by free speech and will be prosecuted.


Interestingly, hard-core, highly sexually explicit pornography is illegal and not protected by free speech but the US government just chooses not to prosecute it.

Fighting words

Face-to-face personal insults that are likely to lead to an immediate fight are not protected by free speech.

True threats

Threats to commit a crime (like “give me your money or I will kill you”) is not protected by free speech.


If you say something that damages somebody’s reputation you cannot use free speech as defense

Independence Day

The plan suggested by Adam Radly (founder of ‘I Imagine’ and AIM – “Australian Independence Movement”) is for Australia to become a republic and call…

Acknowledge the first Australians

Racist references should be removed from the constitution and indigenous Australians should be acknowledged as the first Australians.