Activate the Russian Diaspora

The Russian Diaspora is enormous. We need to find ways to encourage them to contact their friends and family at home in Russia to let…

The internet is still “open”

Independent media has effectively been shut down in Russia but Putin doesn’t control the internet in the same way that China does. We need to…

Tell the Russian People The truth

The biggest distraction for Putin will be an uprising against him in Russia. We need to find ways to supply the Russian people with information…

Ban all Russian Oil

If we ban all Russian oil, Putin will have to start thinking about how he will fund a long occupation of Ukrainian and how Russia…

Humanitarian Aid

Russia will block all logistics so Ukraine will eventually run out of medical supplies and all of the usual basic needs.

NATO can supply weapons

Even though NATO can’t get involved directly, it can provide weapons to Ukraine to help them defend themselves.

AR Idea Jun 28

This is a details page, its design can be changed via the page template here. You can use shortcodes or blocks to build the page…

Commercial advertising

Anything you say in an ad is protected by free speech but the government can ban commercial advertising if it’s misleading.  

Child pornography

It’s illegal, not protected by free speech and will be prosecuted.