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Accept differences

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“At some point almost all of us have had that moment in the workplace where we wanted to strangle the person sitting next to us.” I love this line because it’s so very true – when you’re so frustrated by one of your colleagues because their opinions, mannerisms, or approach to work seem completely alien.

But, what happens next in the scene? That’s the important thing to focus on here. If your colleague next to you in a meeting is saying something you completely disagree with, do you:

Tune out
Dismiss their idea
Talk over them
Embarrass them
Walk out of the room
Actually try to strangle them (Inside tip: it’s not this one)
In fact, it’s not any of these. It’s actually this secret answer:

7. Come to a compromise/understanding

At some point, there are differences of opinion in every organization – that’s only natural (you’re human, you know what the world is like). Differences of opinion can lead to frustration, disagreements, and sometimes even conflict. Conversely, they can also benefit a project or final product due to unique perspectives and influences. The difference is all in your approach.

Problems arise when differences of opinion aren’t dealt with correctly – when people feel unheard, bullied, or disregarded. If you want to keep your team together (and stay sane) consider a few of these handy tips:

Remember the importance of balance: Think of Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street. They’re best friends but polar opposites – one represents Chaos, the other represents Order. Our lives, workplaces, and output benefit from a mix of both of characters. A workplace with just one or the other would become monotonous and less robust.

Embrace disagreements: These are often learning opportunities. Opposite opinions should be dealt with respectfully and carefully to ensure everyone is happy and innovation is maximized.

REF: Hannah Price.


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