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Bring back Luke as a Force Ghost

2 years agoopen0

I think The Last Jedi gave Luke a truly wonderful send-off. I can’t imagine a better way for Luke to finally shuffle off this mortal coil than to do it on his own terms after saving the day one last time. Those twin suns were the perfect backdrop, reminding us of a much younger Luke just about to begin his long journey.

But I don’t want this to be the last we see of Luke. I want him to come back, at peace now at long last, as the wise old Jedi everybody was hoping he’d be in The Last Jedi. I’m glad we got cranky, disillusioned Luke because it’s way, way more interesting that way, but I also want to see a happier, content Luke. I want Yoda to come back, too, but it doesn’t really make sense because Yoda has no real connection to Rey.

I can’t imagine they won’t do this, but who knows? Another question I have is whether they’ll have Leia come back as a Force Ghost also. She was a Force user if not a Jedi. Not sure what the common thinking is on this or if it really matters.

REF: Erik Kain. Forbes.com


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