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Establish team rules

2 years agoopen0

“Rules?” I hear you thinking, “that doesn’t sound fun at all.” Think again. Rules don’t have to be a dampener, but they do have to exist to keep everyone aligned.

Rules are everywhere – on the sports field, in daily interactions – and they exist to keep everyone safe and on the same page. How can we more forward together if we don’t know where we stand? Rules will safeguard the success and productivity of a team.

Establishing rules early is best, but be willing to consider changing them if they’re hindering rather than helping the team. You can write them down or just chat about them openly. Either way, you should be clear on why they exist and ask for contributions/feedback from everyone.

Some examples:

When we meet, we’re all present (no cell phones or laptops).
We’ll be open about our frustrations.
We listen with intent, rather than waiting for our turn to talk.
We respect out of office hours and won’t expect communication unless it’s an emergency.

REF: Hannah Price. jostle.me


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