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Exercise together

2 years agoopen0

I’m not talking about aerobics here – don’t make your team complete a set of jumping jacks at your next meeting. I’m referring to team building exercises. These don’t have to be groan-inducing company retreats, they can be short and sweet tasks that take less than 10 minutes (and it may even be better that way).

Before deciding on a team building exercise, it’s important to assess what specific challenges your team is facing. For example, does your team need to become more familiar with each other, or do they need to recover from a conflict? You may pick different exercises for each of these situations.

The frequency of your team building exercises should also be considered. Team building exercises are like physical exercise – if you do it often, the benefits are more long-lasting. You can’t summit Everest if you train twice a year. Teamwork is similar. If you want to achieve your teamwork goals, find a way to work the exercises into your weekly/monthly contact with your team.


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