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Give us some of that missing backstory

2 years agoopen0

Another of my biggest problems with both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi is the whole conflict set up in Episode VII. Like the Death Star, having a rag-tag Resistance face-off against an Empire 2.0 in the First Order feels kind of cheap, especially since we aren’t given any of the backstory about how the First Order formed, who Snoke is and so forth. I don’t really care who Snoke is at this point—he’s dead, after all—but I do care that we get some information on how he turned Kylo Ren, where the Knights of Ren are (and who) and how the First Order was able to get so powerful so quickly after the Empire lost so decisively at the Battle of Endor.

I could honestly go either way when it comes to theories that Rey isn’t actually nobody but remains some special daughter of a powerful Jedi. I wouldn’t be upset if this was all a head-fake, but I do really love how her origins mean nothing, that anyone—even a stable boy—can be a Force user now. But if we learn that she has a secret backstory, okay. I can live with that, too.

Still, Paul Tassi makes a convincing case that this would be a bad thing, and he’s got me worried that J.J. Abrams might ret-con a bunch of Rian Johnson’s material from The Last Jedi. I hope not.

REF: Erik Kain. Forbes.com


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