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Something old, something new

2 years agoopen0

Speaking of stealing from Return of the Jedi, I have an idea. The Force Awakens was borderline remake of A New Hope while The Last Jedi shattered our Star Wars nostalgia and threw the baby out with the bathwater. I want Episode IX to fall somewhere in-between these two extremes. Actually, I would have liked both the previous films to fall between those two extremes but I guess The Last Jedi was just over-correcting a little bit after TFA, with writer/director Rian Johnson pretty purposefully tossing out some of Abrams’ ideas in the process. A middle ground would give us some of the same things that made RotJ great, but also new ideas. New places, new conflicts, new character struggles but similar themes of redemption, self-growth and so forth. Make it feel more like a proper Star Wars film than The Last Jedi felt, but still make it more original than TFA. Okay, I realize this is vague but I think you get the point. Take the (reasonable) complaints against both films and draw from them. All these other suggestions will help. REF: Erik Kain. Forbes.com


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