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Spend more time on cool alien planets

2 years agoopen0

One of my biggest complaints about The Last Jedi was how the movie rushed through all the cool new alien planets. Crait had a cool scene, but I wanted more time on that planet and less time in the fleet. Same with Ahch-To and Canto Bight.

In Return of the Jedi we get long stretches on both Tatooine in Jabba the Hutt’s palace and on his cruise ship and we get a long sequence on Endor. We even get a brief return to Dagobah. These long sequences give us a real sense of place and stick in our memories because of it. In Empire Strikes Back we get long sequences on Hoth, Dagobah and Cloud City and again, these stick in our memories as distinct, real places.

But the new movies are really dropping the ball in this regard. Other than Jakku, we hop around quite a bit in The Force Awakens. Rogue One is even more guilty of this, darting from one planet to the next at such breakneck speed it’s still hard for me to recall what happened where. Alas, so did The Last Jedi, though perhaps not quite as badly.

In Episode IX the only thing I want Abrams to steal from Return of the Jedi is this sense of place and world-building. Give us two or three locations only and flesh them out, make them fascinating and alive. As much as I enjoy the new films, none of the locations in any of them have felt as real as Jabba’s palace, the icy Hoth base or the Redwoods of Endor.

REF: Erik Kain. Forbes.com


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