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The role of leaders

2 years agoopen0

It starts at the top. If you don’t already have good teamwork at the grassroots level, then it’s time for the leadership team to, well, lead. By example. They’re the ones that the rest of your company look to for guidance, so they should be establishing teamwork as the norm. Their behaviour will trickle down through the company to leaders at each level of the company, then to all members of the teams. Eventually the whole organization will come to accept and expect this mode of working.

“It is really amazing how much an organization sucks up the behaviors of the leader,” said Nick Tolley CEO of Harris + Hoole, when speaking about the culture and values within his company.

“I didn’t quite appreciate this until I started this business. You can very easily see this when you are having a bit of a crap day, and you are a little bit downbeat. It is infectious. Very, very infectious.”

REF: Hannah Price. jostle.me


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