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Idea Platform:
Product Development

Benefits of idea generation from employees

Just one good idea can change everything! A tiny investment of time and money could massively increase revenue, brand awareness and brand value. The ROI could be staggering. Unleash your biggest untapped resource.

Develop & Manage Ideas

Create an ‘Idea Management’ project on ‘I Imagine. Allow your product development team (and maybe customers, employees, owners, etc) to participate in the process of generating new ideas, improving existing ideas, commenting on ideas and voting on ideas.

Input From Employees

Your most loyal employees want a say in the decisions that impact the product (and their workplace).

Input From Your Customers

Instead of trying to solve every product development challenge yourself, get ideas from your employees or your customers. This dramatically increases the likelihood that the solutions you implement will be solutions they like.

Give Customers What They Want

Increase the likelihood of implementing ideas that customers and employees like.

Retain & Attract The Best Employees

Retain and attract the best employees. It’s obvious that the best employees are pro active. They want to be involved and to be valued – otherwise they will move on. This is also the best way to the most value for your business out of the best employees.

Optimize Your Workplace

You need to optimize your workplace in order to optimize the output from your employees. There are an infinite number of ways to improve workplace efficiency and the easiest way to get access to the best ideas is to tap into your employees.

Important Features

* ‘Idea Management’ listings and be public or private
* Voting can be public or restricted to verified customers (or any other criteria)
* Set voting thresholds and award prizes
* Allow people to register as experts
* Allow people to convey their vote to an expert
* Many other advanced features that give you total control

Create An "Idea Management" Listing In Minutes

This is all you need to do:
* Signup and click on “+ Create Listing” in the top right
* Use a title like “How can we improve the workplace?” * Enter a few sentences about the problem you want to solve
* Share the link for the listing with your customers. * People can click on ‘Solutions’ to submit their ideas or vote and comment on ideas from other people.
* Over time, the best ideas will bubble to the top. And any one of them can transform your business!

Massive ROI

Any one of the benefits above can transform your business. Create unlimited Free listings with unlimited users or create Premium listings to get access to advanced features.

Other Uses. Solve Any Problem.

The ‘I Imagine’ Idea Management platform can be used to solve any problem in any context:
* Employee engagement
* Product development
* Customer engagement
* Student & parent engagement
* Social media engagement
* Community engagement (nonprofits)
* Community engagement (government)
* Solve any problem – from Climate Change to what you want to see in the next Star Wars sequel.