Summary (Max 280 characters)Keeping your devices charged while on an adventure can be tricky. The WaterLily Turbine doesn't need anything besides moving water or some wind to charge your phone to 100 percent. Click "Solutions" to submit ideas or comment and vote on ideas from other people.
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The WaterLily Turbine is the optimal water and wind turbine charger for any camper, adventurer, or hiker:

⦁Charge all USB Devices; Smart Phones, Battery Banks, Cameras, Tablets, GPS, and more!

⦁ The WaterLily turbine has been designed to continuously charge your devices for 24 hours a day.

⦁As WaterLily uses natural resources such as wind or water, users are not forced to wait on ideal sunny conditions to charge their devices.

⦁Even if wind or water is not available, users can charge with our optional hand crank.