Summary (Max 280 characters)Climate change is happening. If world leaders don’t take strong action now, evidence points to massive environmental damage that will lead to a dramatic loss of croplands and water sources and an increase in poverty and suffering around the world.
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The United Nations climate negotiations are best placed to deliver a global solution to climate change as both developed and developing countries are involved in the process. It is the UN climate negotiations where the Kyoto Protocol – the existing international climate agreement – was decided upon in 1997.

We hoped that with the considerable pressure from progressive world leaders and civil society that the 2009 UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen would deliver a strong climate treaty, instead what was agreed to was a weak, non binding set of agreements.

Despite this set back, negotiations have continued and at the major UN Climate Summit of 2010 – which took place in Cancun, Mexico – some significant progress was made laying the building blocks for a global treaty to be reached in the coming years including:

the establishment of a Climate Fund to help developing countries cope with the impacts of climate change and to reduce their carbon emissions
a pathway for raising the emissions cut pledges that were made after Copenhagen to levels in line with what science says is necessary to avoid dangerous climate change
While these are essential building blocks, we are still a long off from the fair, ambitious and legally binding climate agreement our planet needs.