Summary (Max 280 characters)How Can We Stop Unjustified Police Violence?
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[George Floyd: May 25, 2020]

George Floyd Was Arrested For Allegedly Using A Counterfeit $20 Bill Then He Was Killed By A Police Officer That Decided To Kneel On His Neck For Eight Minutes – For No Apparent Reason.

[Breonna Taylor: March 13, 2020]

Louisville Detectives Served A ‘No Knock’ Warrant To Search For Drugs. They Shot And Killed Breonna Taylor While She Was In Bed. No Drugs Were Found.

[Eric Garner: July 17, 2014]

Eric Garner Died After He Was Wrestled To The Ground By A New York Police Officer On Suspicion Of Illegally Selling Cigarettes.

This Is Has Been Happening For Decades And It Won’T Be Fixed By Anything That Happens In The Next Few Weeks. Systemic Inequality Cannot Be Fixed By Pushing A Button. It Requires A Combination Of Changing Public Opinion, New Policies And Political Will. These Things Happen Incrementally. If We Only Focus Our Attention On It When It’S In The News These Increments Will Happen Very Slowly.