I Imagine Life Membership Add-ons

I Imagine Life Membership Add-ons

The Membership Add-ons is the central hub for viewing which add-ons are activated. This guide walks you through the Membership Add-ons.

All Add-ons are included, but only those that apply to your individual set-up can be enabled so you don’t need to deal with any items you don’t need. For example, if you do not have BuddyPress installed on your site, it will be grayed out with a message informing you that it needs to be activated before you can use it.

You can view add-ons according to their status: active, inactive, or with options available. Simply click here:

Add-ons Included

The following Add-ons are included:

Admin Side Protection – Extends your content protection to your Admin area.

Additional Automated Messages – Allows you create custom auto-messages for members.

Advanced Menu Protection – It has three options to allow the ultimate control over access to your navigation menus. Click the Details link in the Add-On to select the option you want.

  • Protect Single Menu Items (default)

  • Replace Individual Menus

  • Overwrite Contents of Menu Locations

The option you select will determine the additional settings that will become available at Membership> Protection Rules so you can tweak the access rules for your menus.

BuddyPress integration – If your site uses BuddyPress, this add on will let you protect groups, profiles, and more.

bbPress Integration – If you’re a bbPress user, you can protect your bbPress forums with this add on.

Category Protection – Protects posts by category, this add on makes it super simple.

Individual Custom Posts – Controls access to custom posts on a post-by-post basis. When enabled, the Custom Post Types tab under Membership> Protection Rules will be replaced with Custom post Type Items where you can select the specific items you want to protect for each membership.

Coupon – Offer coupons for memberships.

Individual Posts – for standard WordPress blog posts. This add-on adds a new tab under Membership> Protection Rules called Posts where you can protect individual posts.

Media Protection – Like Advanced Menu Protection, this add on has three options to customize how your media is protected.

Mail Chimp Integration – If you’re a MailChimp user, this add on allows you to automatically add your users to your MailChimp lists. There are 3 options available under the MailChimp tab in Membership> Settings where you can select which lists to use for Registered Users with no membership, Members and Deactivated Members.

Member Capabilities – Grants permissions/access for individual members, outside of their membership level.

Protect Special Pages – Special page protection covers archives, 404 Pages, and search result pages, to provide truly wall-to-wall protection for your site.

Multiple Memberships – If you need users to have more than one simultaneous membership on your site, this add on will allow that functionality. This Add-On doesn’t create any new settings for you to worry about though.

Important note: Members who are in multiple membership levels will default to the permissions of the most permissive level they belong to, if there’s a conflict. For example, let’s say you have a craft-based site where members can join any memberships they want, and each membership is based on a craft. If the Knitters have access to all custom post types, but Stitchers do not, and Bev is a member of both Knitters and Stitchers, Bev will have access to all custom post types.

Shortcode Protection – This Add-On will enable you to protect the content that is output by shortcodes from WordPress, or even other plugins.

Redirect Control – If you want to control where users are redirected after logging in or logging out, this add on will be a big help. A future update will include the ability to set custom redirects based on memberships.

Taxamo – EU VAT regulations apply to you? This Add-On will add a new tab to Membership> Settings where you can set up your Taxamo stuff.

URL Protection – When none of the other add ons will do, URL protection will allow you to protect content by the page URL. URL protection includes regular expression support, so you can drill down into specific content as much as you need. Be careful with this one though; any rules you add here will override all other rules.

Trial Period – If you’d like to give potential paying members a free taste of how great a membership on your site can be, activate the Trial Period add on. A new option will become available in the Payment settings for each paid membership you have.