I Imagine Life Membership Settings

I Imagine Life Membership Settings

The Membership Settings is the central hub for configure the settings of your Membership Pages and app. This guide walks you through the Membership Settings page.

There are five tabs for Membership Settings:


This tab allows you to:

  • This setting toggles the content protection on this site.

  • Hide the admin toolbar for non administrator users.

  • Process communication emails in the background every hour.

  • Select pages you want to appear in your navigation.

  • Set Up Membership Pages that will be displayed on your website.

By default, this is the first tab you’ll see when you access the Membership Settings page, as seen in the images above.


This tab allows you to choose whichever gateway or combination of gateways meets the needs of your an your members. It comes packed with several payment gateway options.

  • Authorize.net

  • Manual payments

  • PayPal Single

  • PayPal Standard

  • Stripe Single

  • Stripe Subscriptions

Protection Messages

This tab allows you to customize messages that members will receive if they access protected content.

Automated Email Responses

This tab allows you to customize email response to your member’s subscriptions.

Import Tool

Finally, this tab allows you to import a file or membership. It also enables you to generate a file to be exported.