Impact Currency

Impact Currency

Impact Ratings

Businesses, nonprofits and other organizations will provide information about how they are having a positive impact. 

You can support the organizations that you think are doing a good job by reviewing them (based on impact), rating them (based on impact) and purchasing their products.  

For nonprofits, you can support them by donating, volunteering or promoting them. 

Impact Points

Everybody that creates an account on ‘I Imagine’ will be awarded ‘Impact Points’ for participating and engaging in the platform. 

The Impact Points will be convertible into [crypto name] – a crypto-currency that will be launched soon. 

The concept is simple – the bigger your impact, the bigger the reward. So, success is defined by impact instead of ‘unit sales’ and other outdated metrics.

Your value is not measured by your ability to make money or build social media followers.

Your value is measured by your impact on other people and the planet.