Impact Rankings

As you accumulate more Impact Points you will reach higher rankings within the IIMAGINE community. 

Impact points measure your impact. A visual representation of impact is the ripple effect. You are in the center and the larger your impact, the bigger the ripple effect.

The rankings on IIMAGINE are based on this concept and represented by the Sun and the planets that orbit the sun. The Sun represents you in the middle and the planets represent various levels of impact. So, everyone starts with a ranking of Sun.

See the points required to achieve various rankings below.

  • Sun: 0 points
  • Mercury: 579 points
  • Venus: 1,082 points
  • Earth: 1,496 points
  • Mars: 2,279 points
  • Jupiter: 7,786 points
  • Saturn: 14,335 points
  • Uranus: 28,725 points
  • Neptune: 44,951 points