Membership By I Imagine

Membership By I Imagine

Membership By I Imagine is the new central hub to your Membership install. This guide walks you through the dashboard.

Getting Started

This page allows easy access to the Membership app. It works as a dashboard for the app. It shows the following page when clicked:

View their name, membership type, payment options, status, and shortcodes.

You can also delete multiple memberships quickly from the Membership dashboard. You can select them as a group and delete. Links are provided above and at the bottom of your membership list.

You can also delete them one by one by hovering your mouse over the name of the member to be deleted. Options will appear. Click Delete.

You can also edit a membership or see its payment options through the same action. Hover your mouse over a member’s name, Click Edit or Payment options from the choices provided.

Create New Membership

To start, we give you a default “System Membership.” All current members will be in this Membership until they choose or they are moved to a different plan.

There are four flexible membership types to choose from, which you can further customize to suit your needs:

  1. Standard Membership: Make your content available to members and hidden to logged-out users.

  1. Dripped Content Membership: Release your membership content in timed intervals.

  1. Guest Membership: Make your content available only to logged-out users.

  1. Default Membership: Content is available to all logged-in users who have not yet joined your site as a member.

Choose the type of membership from the grid of four. Name your membership. Click Save.

Go to Membership2 > Settings > General

  1. Make sure you have a Memberships, Register, Account, Protected Content, and Registration Complete page set up for M2.

  1. Decide which items you want to appear in your main navigation menu.

  1. Decide whether you want the black admin bar that will usually show on the top of each page on your site (the one that says “Howdy, you”) to show for members. You’ll likely want to wait until you’ve finished getting everything set up before clicking the Content Protection toggle though.

Important notes:

  • If you’re using a plugin to create a custom registration page, like BuddyPress, Pie Register, or Gravity Forms, be sure to select THAT registration page here, rather than the default one created by the Membership2 plugin.

  • If you are using another plugin for registration, be sure to add the following code to your theme’s functions.php file so the Membership2 plugin knows about it (this is not required for BuddyPress, but it won’t interfere if you add it anyway):

Now go to Membership> Protection Rules. You’ll see your content protection options in a vertical list of tabs. Clicking any of these tabs will allow you to set content protection for that particular content type.

All pages that do not have Content Protection applied are visible to everyone.

If you hover over any content item’s current access, you’ll see a “modify access link.” Click this to restrict this content item to only members of the membership(s) you assign. A colorful pop up will appear with each of your memberships listed. Click the memberships you want, and move through the content items, and tabs, one by one until you’re satisfied with your settings.

Now go to Membership> Settings > Payments.

When payment gateways are set up, go back to Membership> Membership By I Imagine.

Hover to see the Payment Options link.

Edit each paid membership to include the gateway, the cost, and the duration of the membership.