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Project plans that make collaboration easy and efficient.
Fast, flexible & fun…& FREE!

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Your plan does not have to super detailed and it can change – but you do need a plan of some kind. Investors, lenders, mentors, partners and key employees all want to see a carefully considered plan in order to take you seriously. Our app will help you create a useful plan that will get you started then allow you to edit and update the plan on an
ongoing basis – all for FREE.

Simple collaboration

Create boards for personal or business projects. Invite team members into your boards. Let them invite you into theirs. Your boards are always private. Simple collaboration and planning for anything

Ready made project plans

Why settle for a pdf checklist when you can get a ready made plan? We created ready made plans for many marketing and business management projects. Just select the plan, assign tasks to team members and track their progress.

Yes, this is also free!

Let us do your tasks

It’s impossible to have every skillset under one roof. We have a thoroughly vetted pool of freelancers ready to do all of the little things you need. Their work is affordable, high quality and fast.

Your point of contact will always be a native English speaking project manager that has marketing and business experience.

Project plans that make collaboration easy and efficient. Create boards, lists and cards