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[slug] {FIRSTNAME}, do you ?

[slug] {FIRSTNAME}, want to ?

[slug] {FIRSTNAME}, do you want to ?

[slug] {FIRSTNAME}, struggling with ?

[slug] {FIRSTNAME}, 

[slug] {FIRSTNAME}, 

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Email Teaser OPTION 1


Are you a  and you ?

Are you dealing with the , but don’t know how to go about ?

Then I’ve got a great  for you!


This  will help you because it  AND .

It’s called “

Click here for more 


PS – If you’re serious, this .

Click here right now:

Email Teaser OPTION 2


If you’re a  and you , then I’ve got great news for you.


If you’ve been having a hard time  and you , then this  – “” – is exactly what you’re looking for!

It  AND .

Click here for more:


PS – Seriously, if you want results, this !

Take a quick peek at this  right now:

Tweets / short FB Posts / Possible Ads

Struggling with the 

Struggling with the ? Here’s  

 struggling with the 

 struggling with the ? This  

 struggling with ? Here’s  

ATTENTION: s struggling with the ! Check out  

ATTENTION: s struggling with ! Here’s  

 and you 

 and you ? Here’s   

ATTENTION: s who ! Take a peek at  

Want to 

ATTENTION: s who want to ! Here’s a  

ATTENTION: s who want to ! This  

ATTENTION: s who want to ! This  

Don’t know  shows you how! 

, but don’t know ? Check out  

ATTENTION: s who don’t know ! Here’s  

Here’s  that makes  easier! 

This  “” makes  easier! 





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