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Become An “I Imagine” Partner 


Generate revenue by referring people to “I Imagine”

If someone signs up to “I Imagine” with your affiliate link and makes a purchase you will get paid a commission. But, instead of the usual 30-day cookie, you get a lifetime cookie! Yep, lifetime commissions on recurring revenue products!
Why are we doing this? It’s simple – we see you as a “real” marketing partner and we want to give you a real opportunity to build a real business with significant income. We’re putting our money where our mouth is.
What is the affiliate commission rate?
You will be paid 20% of the amount other members that you have invited into “Ii Imagine”.
Will I get paid recurring commissions? 
What products are eligible for affiliate commissions?
“I Imagine” currently sells:
  • Advertising to businesses that want to create Partnership Opportunities that will result in receiving customer referrals. 
  • Advertising to people that have an audience and want to monetize it by allowing other businesses / brands to promote their products and services to this audience. 
Why would people spend money on “I Imagine”?
Every business wants customers. They can get them at a high price (high customer acquisition cost) on platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook or they get them by receiving referrals (lower customer acquisition cost) here on the “I Imagine” referral network. Getting customer is the single most important thing to any business owner. “I Imagine” is a unique platform that delivers customers at a lower cost than other platforms. Therefore, how many businesses do you think would be interested in this service?
How much money can I make?
It’s impossible to predict. Here are some examples of what might be possible based on the ad spend of people you invited into “I Imagine”:
10 businesses that spend $100 per month each x 20% commission = $200 per month
50 businesses that spend $250 per month each x 20% commission = $2,500 per month
100 businesses that spend $500 per month each x 20% commission = $10,000 per month