Use our marketplace to get sponsors and our other tools to succeed

Contacting sponsors is tough. Let sponsors come to you!

If you have tried getting a sponsor, you know that it’s very difficult to:
  • Figure out who to contact
  • Get that person to respond to an email or a call
  • Convince them that your sponsorship opportunity is worth pursuing

How does it work?

  • Post a FREE listing on our Sponsorship Marketplace that describes your Instagram and the benefits to potential sponsors.
  • Potential sponsors can review the sponsorship opportunity listings and contact you directly
  • Many sponsors also work with us directly. If your sponsorship opportunity matches their criteria we will contact you directly to negotiate a sponsorship.

Why use our Sponsorship Marketplace?

  • Contacting sponsors is hard! Let sponsors come to you.
  • Make your sponsorship opportunity available to sponsors that you did not know existed or would never have contacted.
  • Make your sponsorship opportunity available to more sponsors than you can possibly contact yourself
  • We DO NOT take a percentage of the sponsorship. You keep all of it for yourself.
  • There many other tools and resources on “I Imagine” that will help you succeed.
Your sponsorship opportunity can be listed in the Sponsorship Marketplace in 5 minutes.

How to get started

  • Create a free account (no credit card required)
  • Go to My Home
  • Go to “Ad & Sponsorship Marketplace”
  • Click “Add A Listing” then complete the steps.


  • Standard listing: FREE
  • Premium listing: $27 per month
  • Homepage listing: $97 per month