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That actually works!

Your sponsorship proposal can easily make or break your sponsorship opportunity.


Step 1 – What are you offering a sponsor?

  • You. Do have a unique look, special skills or other personal attributes that are in line with a specific product or brand?
  • Your audience – Can you define your target audience is and how they align with the sponsor’s target audience?
  • Marketing – What will you do to actively promote the sponsor?
  • Results. If the sponsor agrees to sponsor you or your event, what will they get in return?

Step 2 – Research your potential sponsors

  • Create a list of ideal sponsors
  • Research each sponsor
  • Are you compatible? 

Step 3 – Contact the sponsor

  • Cold calling: Least effective and most time-consuming method.
  • Snail mail: In a world full of spam, this is often a good way to get someone’s attention.
  • Email: Get the email address of the right person and send a very brief (one paragraph) oultine of your proposal and offer more detail if they are interested

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Talk with your potential sponsors and get to know them and what they “really” value in the sponsorship arrangement. If you don’t know what is most important to them, then you can never effectively pitch your sponsorship opportunity. THIS IS CRITICAL!


Step 4 – Develop a relationship with the sponsor

  • No hard selling
  • Listen to what they have to say
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of them and their objectives
  • Offer referrals and testimonials
  • Remind them if them benefits and value you bring to the sponsor

Step 5 – Establish the sponsor’s marketing objectives


For example:

  • Increase revenue of a specific product or service
  • Increase customer awareness of a brand
  • Improve the brand’s appeal to a specific demographic.

Then discuss:

  1. How will you measure success?
  2. Define the value of the sponsorship
  3. Specific marketing initiatives that will achive the sponsor’s objectives

Step 6 – How you will measure success?


Think of success this way:

  • Quantitative – measurable results e.g. page views, attendees, likes, subscriptions, revenue, unit sales, etc
  • Qualitative – non-measurable results: e.g. impressions of a brand, satisfaction with a product, brand trust factors, etc.

Step 7 – Your value to the sponsor


Use the quantitative and qualitative points in Step 6 to “attempt” to put a value on the sponsorship. The objective here is simple – make the sponsor believe that they are getting a great deal.


Step 8 – Develop your sponsorship proposal


The answers to all of the steps above is the content of your sponsorship proposal.


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