How to start a business (IIL)

Start a business

Everything you need to start and grow your business

and maximize your impact

Start small. Get big. Our flagship “Venture” program allows you to set up an online business within days. You will get a stunning ready-made WordPress website with preconfigured marketing tools that allow you to generate multiple revenue streams from multiple niches. And, most importantly, we will show you how to succeed – step by step.


Business Ideas

The best business idea for YOU is one that meets the criteria of the “The theropy of Pii”. The concept was created by the founder of ‘I imagine”, Adam Radly. “Pii” means: passion, income and impact.

The theory simply states that your ideal project will involve working on something that you’re very passionate about, generates enough income to do whatever you need and has a big positive impact on the things that matter you – all at the same time.

Get started with the Pii app – a simple free app that you can use to figure out how to apply the Theory Of Pii. Access the app (permanently free) from your user panel after signing up (also free) to “I Imagine”.

Read more about Adam Radly’s “Theory of Pii” in in his brief blog post.



You probably know that “failing to plan is planning to fail”. You can create a professional plan very quickly with our free business plan software and our free business plan templates. It’s totally free – just signup and go to the business plan app from your user panel.

Even if you don’t need to create a business plan for funding or for other people, you should still answer the questions in our business plan template so that you know you have considered everything and planned for it. This is a critical step – don’t start spending time and money until you have thought this through. More


Funding Options

We can help you get financing from multiple sources including crowdfunding, angles, VC’s, banks and private equity funds. We have created a streamlined process that eliminates all of the friction and time wasting that causes frustration and uncertainty. More


Legal structures and government licenses

This will vary depending on your location and personal circumstances. Get legal and accounting advice early in order to make sure you get this right before you start.



Growth and expansion often triggers a requirement for investment in marketing assets, software development and IT equipment. If you need a new 100-page website that can be ready instantly – and is pre-configured for multiple digital marketing strategies, check out our “Venture” package”. Need Computer equipment? Get it from our partner, Powermax (authorized Apple reseller) – you will pay NO SALES TAX.


Your Team

Choose your partners carefully. This decision can easily make you or break you. As for employees, get the very best people you can afford – it will help you to keep your blood pressure in check.


Launch & Marketing

We have created comprehensive checklists for starting and growing businesses. Access them from your user panel. They’re free!