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Welcome to the ‘l Imagine’ family!

You will be able to access the social network, any apps that you have signed up for, user guides and help/support from the ‘My Home’ page. Just hover your mouse over the icons to see their names.

The section is for Venture Members. Venture is a low cost ‘business in a box’ that includes all of the mission-critical apps/tools required to start a business from scratch (or grow an existing business). Learn more about the Venture program (free webinar) and get access to a Special Launch Offer here.

Venture Members

If you have joined the Venture program, please review the 3 steps below:

Step I: Change your access codes

Your WordPress site: Log in to the admin of your Venture site and change your access codes. The links and access codes were sent to you in an email when you signed up. Go to ‘Users’ in the left-side admin, Select ‘All Users’, Select the user you want to edit, hover the mouse over the username, click ‘edit’, change the password, save your changes.

Your account: Click on the profile icon in the top right (or go to the social network from the ‘My Home’ page), click on settings then change your password.

Step 2: Learn where everything is located

  • Your admin for is located at “My Home” (located at There is also a ‘My Home’ button in the top right of arter logging in.
  • Your admin area for the WordPress site is in the email you received.
  • Courses, user guides for the apps and support can all be accessed from “My Home”
  • The social network can be accessed from ‘My Home’

Step 3: Start/grow your business

Some of you have existing businesses and some are starting from scratch. Some of you have advanced knowledge and some are Just beginners.

Work through the list below to get the information you need for your specific situation. If you are starting from scratch you should work through this in the order below.

Select your niche. You can use the Pii app to help

Legal and financial setup. Course video. Video

Research your customers. Course video

Research your competitors. Course video

Create your brand. Course video

Create your website. WP videos. Page builder videos

Make your site trustworthy. Course video

Create your blog content. Course video. Content Ideas app

Social strategy. Course video. Content promotion app

Generate free trafficCourse video

Generate paid trafficCourse video 

Generate revenue from:

    • Services. Course video, CRM app (accessed from the admin of your WordPress site)
    • Affiliate products. Course video
    • Memberships. Membership app.(accessed from the admin of your WordPress site)
    • Physical & digital products. User guides
    • Ads. Course video

Copywriting. Course video. Copywriting app. User guides.

Sales funnels. Course video.

Email marketing. Course video. Standard email optin Email opt-in apps (popups & sliders)