Theory of Pii

Business Ideas & The Theory of Pii

If you pursue just any business idea, you have already failed.


Take a few minutes to understand the Theory of Pii:


Finding the intersection of passion, income and impact means that you will never have to work another day in your life.

How this will help you

Theory of Pii

Pii stands for Passion, Income, Impact and this is the
simple summary of the theory: if the thing you’re
most passionate also happens to be the what you do
to earn income while also concurrently having a
positive impact then life is awesome.


Feeling strongly about something (being passionate about it) also gives us a strong sense of purpose. That sense of purpose is rarely misplaced.


It’s something we need in order to be able to live in a way that allows us to feel comfortable and stable.


These actions contribute to our sense of fulfillment and they, in turn, contribute to how happy we feel.

The next step is to put it all together. Let’s create a plan for quitting your boring job (over time) and relocating to nirvana. Yes, we might as well aim high. Why not?

Yes, it’s 100% FREE.

Create your Pii Chart

The Pii app will walk you through a simple and quick process that involves answering some questions then recommending the optimal strategy for your individual situation and personal preferences. 

Finding the sweet spot

The sweet spot is at the intersection of passion, income, and impact. It’s the optimal life – all according to you!

You will start by entering things that you’re passionate about, ways that you can earn income and things you can do that will have a positive impact – then let the app help you make sense of it all.  

Focus and gravity

The more focused and passionate you can be about one project the more gravity it has – meaning that it will attract you like a magnet, as opposed to projects that repel you and require ‘will-power’ to work on them. 

Are you ready to go? Let’s do this. Yes, it’s 100% free