Venture – MMO1

What is Venture?

It’s a complete business startup package

The ultimate course for starting an online business

The most comprehensive course for how to start a business – while pursing your passion and maximizing your impact.

What you will learn


The Theory Of Pii

“Pii” is passion, income, impact.

The theory simply states that your ideal project will involve working on something that you’re very passionate about, generates enough income to do whatever you need and has a big positive impact on the things that matter you – all at the same time.

Get started with the Pii app – a simple free app that you can use to figure out how to apply the Theory Of Pii.

Marketing apps and tools that give you an edge

Viral content tools

Need ideas for content? Use our proprietary viral content search tool generate unlimited content ideas. Simply enter a keyword to get a list of the most popular, most shared content around that keyword. There’s nothing worse than spending an enormous amount of time on researching and writing content, only to find that your users didn’t find it useful or interesting. Now, you will always have access to unlimited content ideas in seconds.

Content Promotion Tools

Publish your content to multiple social platforms from one place. Our content promotion app will give you a preview of what your content will look like in each social platform so you can adapt each post individually before posting.

After making sure that you have brand and message consistency, click submit and you’re all set.

High converting landing pages

High converting pages are critical but they require a lot of testing. VENTURE gives you big head start because it includes ready made landing pages that have been proven to convert visitors in to customers.

Split testing for everything

Optimize your conversion rates by setting up automatic split testing based on a user goal. Then review powerful stats and insights that allow you to see which ideas work generate the best results. Then rinse and repeat.

Advance Email Capture

Create multiple types of optins, sliders, popups and overlays. Use them for different offers for different customers on different pages. Review the data to get insights into what is working and split test different ideas. Integrates with multiple auto responders

Automatic Opt-In Pop-Up

Automatic Opt-In Fly-Ins

Inline Opt-In Forms

Below Content Opt-In Forms

Widget Area Opt-In Forms

Require Opt-In To Unlock Content

Advanced Marketing Tools

Google analytics presented in a format that make sense Heatmaps that show you what you customers are really doing


VENTURE comes with an advanced CRM tool that helps you track leads and build deeper relationships that are more likely to result in sales and repeat sales.

It doesn’t stop there. The CRM also allows you to track your customer journey from the first time they visit your site to the day they become a customer. Now you will know exactly which marketing strategies generated awareness and which strategies generated sales – even if your lead became a customer weeks or months after their first visit to your site.

Copy Writing

 You can create a great product or service and generate awareness but conversion from awareness to sales is entirely dependent on sales copy. Good sales copywriters cost thousands per project.

Very few people (including professional marketers) have the ability to write good sales copy. Doing it yourself is not an option. Use our app to answer some simple questions and let the app generate multiple pro sales copy options for you to choose from (or at least get you started).    

Ready Made, Pro Design Pages For Everything

Massive 150 page pro design website

As good as you’ll find from the most prestigious digital agencies anywhere. VENTURE includes layouts for every conceivable page and section of your site. Check out the layouts here. The pages are already setup for you. You just need to swap out the images and text. Off course, if you want to edit the design you can do almost anything with the Divi page builder (see more below)

Advanced page builder

VENTURE comes with the Divi page builder. Many say it’s the most advanced page builder in the world. You can do virtually anything – visually. Learn about Divi here.* *[We provide the Divi builder as part of BIAB under developer license]

Elements for almost anything


VENTURE is ecommerce ready with woocommerce built-in and easily integrated with our beautiful designs. You will have access to thousands of powerful plugins that will allow you to operate your ecommerce site like as “real business” and have total control over everything.

Multiple Monetization Options

Monetize your content and generate recurring revenue with multiple revenue streams

WordPress video tutorials

Sick of random, unprofessional and outdated WordPress tutorials on the web? We’ve got your back. You will have access to a comprehensive range of video tutorials that are presented by WordPress pros, native English speakers and – most importantly – always updated.

Manage User Roles

Need to allow other people to access your site. Don’t give them your access codes. Assign user roles and restrict their access so that you can sleep better at night.

Compliant Terms of Service and Privacy

You need this for users (and Google) to treat you as a trusted site. Just enter your website or business name then the site will generate pages with compliant Terms of Terms and Privacy policies.