Visual Full Site Editing

Build your entire site, visually. All on one screen. From header to footer and everything in between.

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Theme Styles

Create and maintain a consistent design system throughout your site via Theme Styles. All visually, and in real-time. Define custom styles for your layout, colors, links, typography, and all of your elements. Create as many theme styles as you need. Then set conditions where on your site to show certain styles.


Gradients & Overlays

Need a background overlay for your text to stand out? Apply a six-colored gradient to a heading? Apply an unlimited number of gradients to texts, backgrounds and overlays.


Videos Everywhere

Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, your media library, or any external URL. Add background videos to sections, rows, and columns. Open videos in customizable lightboxes. Configure your own, fully customizable video player.


Custom Color Palettes

Create your own custom color palettes to match your brand. Use your color throughout your entire site. Changes on global colors take immediate effect on every element that uses the same color. The advanced custom color picker supports HEX, RBGA and HSL color schemes. Fine-tune hue, saturation, lightness and transparency.


Shape Dividers

Mix and match 29 unique horizontal and vertical shapes in unlimited ways to break up your content in engaging units. Then tweak each shape to your liking. The most sophisticated shape divider available.


CSS Transform

Create interesting and high-performant transformation effects such as scale, rotate, skew, or freely adjust the position of any block horizontally and vertically.


Custom CSS

Adjust and extend the styles of any block with your own custom CSS right within the builder. Or apply your custom CSS globally.


Animations For Everyone|

Bring your site to life by adding custom entry/exit animations to any block. Tip: Captivate your visitors with the Animated Typing element.


Visual Block Styling

Perform common design actions like column resizing, margins & padding adjustments right on the canvas. Copy & paste styles (even between browser tabs) via the custom context menu. Edit, clone, save, delete blocks with one click.


Dynamic Data

Generate dynamic data for any page. Create dynamic templates for complex sites with custom post types such as real estate, listings, your blog layout, etc.


Truly Responsive Editing

Optimize your site for any device (desktop, tablets, and smartphones). Preview & adjust your design visually for all relevant breakpoints


Never Lose Your Work Again

Undo/Redo – Undo/redo any change in one click or via keyboard shortcuts.

Revisions – Browse, preview and restore any snapshot right from within the builder.

Customizable Save – Saves your work automatically every 60 seconds or customize the interval, or disable the auto save.

All The Fonts You Want

Choose the perfect font to expresses your brand and style. 800+ Google Fonts. Upload your own custom fonts in all relevant font weights, variants, and styles. Set your fonts globally or individually. With live preview in the canvas. Smart asset loading ensures only relevant font files are loaded as needed.


Browse and insert any template with one click. From header, footers, sections, archives, 404s, blog layouts and more.
Create Your Own Templates – save individual sections or entire pages a templates. Decide where on your site to show a specific template via template conditions. Import/export templates individually or in bulk.

Control Builder Access

Define builder access levels for every user role or individual users. Choose between no access, content edits only, or full access.

Header & Footer Builder

Build responsive website headers & footers, visually. Position top/left/right, sticky, sliding up, with a customizable mobile menu off-canvas sliding in. Create multiple header & footer templates and set conditions about where to show them on your site. Hide them on your landing pages with a single click.

Make It Your Own

Choose between the builder’s light and dark mode. Enable, disable or customize autosave. Freely resize and position the builder panel anywhere you like on your screen.

Ultra Fast Page load speed

99% of page builder are disaster when it comes to page speed. Out page builder os one of the most advanced and also one of the fastest. That’s not easy. In fact, we challenge you to find another page builder that has similar features and loads faster.